Is one of the most impressive places of the world, with a lot of mountains, lakes, rivers and a great diversity of wild flora and fauna. Considered to be a true wonder of the nature. With  incomparable habitats, geological formations and archaeological legacies of ancient andean cultures.


Huascaran Mountain
Alpamayo Mountain
Lupinus sp (Taulli)


This park is the habitat of the Puya Raimondi, Quiñual or Quenual trees, Quishuar or Quisuar trees, puma, andean cat, andean fox, vizcacha, deer, spectacled bear, condor, huachua, andean duck, and others. Within the HNP is the Huascaran (6768 masl) the Peru´s highest mountain and the Alpamayo (5947 masl) known as the world´s most beautiful mountain, the famous lakes Chinancocha and Orconcocha in the Llanganuco valley, Paron lake, 69 lake, and others andean treasures. We can reach the Huascaran National Park by many trek routes, being the starting point the cities of the Callejon de Huaylas.




The cordillera blanca is THE WORLD´S HIGHEST TROPICAL MOUNTAIN CHAIN, its highest  peaks reach heights over 6000 masl, and is approximated 200 km long from north to south, it´s protected almost all the area by the HNP.


Alpamayo Mountain
Artesonraju Mountain
Taulliraju Mountain
Quitaraju Mountain
Tocllaraju Mountain


It`s located on the east of the Callejon de Huaylas, and is the range of high and beautiful  mountains such as Huascarán, Huandoy, Alpamayo, Quitaraju, Artesonraju, Taulliraju, Pisco, Chopicalqui, Chacraraju, Tocllaraju, Copa, Hualcán and others, many of them are visible from diferent trekking and climbing routes.


CORDILLERA NEGRA (Black Mountain Range)


Is the name of the mountain chain without snow, located on the west and opposite the Cordillera Blanca, the highest peaks reach heights over 5000 masl, it´s conformed in base of volcanic rocks and slopes of agricultural use.


Part of the Cordillera Blanca, picture taken from the Cordillera Negra.


Willcacocha Lake The Cordillera Negra.


In the colder season the highest peaks freeze and turns White, and from a long distance we can see a beautiful landscape. From this mountain range we can have the most stunning view of the mountain chain of the Cordillera Blanca from North to South.




Conococha Lake
Huaraz City
María Auxiliadora - Carhuaz
Campo Santo - Yungay


The Callejón de Huaylas  is located right below the Cordillera Blanca and the Cordillera Negra, it´s formed by the abrasion of the Rio Santa that runs from the Conococha lake (4050 masl), passing through the Cañon del Pato and flows into the pacific ocean. There are many  agricultural villages and picturesque cities such as Recuay, Huaraz, Carhuaz, Yungay and Caraz, these cities live connected thanks to the paved main road, which makes easier organizing expeditions to differents destinations of the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash.




In the Huayhuash Range we can find impressive mountains, lakes of clear water, herds of llamas, sheep and alpacas, friendy people, and obove all undisturbed nature. The Huayhuash Range is one of the most spectacular circuits in the Andes and is considered by the international tourism community as one of the ten best trekking circuits of the world. The name Huayhuash comes from the Quechua Word which means  "weasel of the highlands".


Rural House
Carhuacocha Lake
Bomarea Dulcis
Carnicero Lake


The Huayhuash Range is located in the regions of Ancash (Bolognesi province), Huanuco (Lauricocha province) and Lima (Cajatambo province). It runs from north to south and is appriximated 30 km long, some peaks reach heights more than 6000 masl, among them are Yerupaja (6617 masl) the second highest mountain in Peru, Siula grande (6344 masl) that reached the fame thanks to Joe Simpson´s book  “Touching the Void”, Sarapo (6127 masl), Jirishanca (6094 masl), Yerupaja chico (6089 masl), Rasac (6017 masl), and others. Also many glacier lakes such as Carhuacocha, Jahuacocha, Mitucocha, Carnicero, and others can be found. It´s also an ideal zone for practicing the mountaineering due to the challenge of climbing  the almost vertical walls of its peaks. Therefore the Huayhush Range is ideal for practicing outdoor activities as trekking, climbing and others.

Cashan Mountain - Cordillera Blanca