JIRKANDES EXPEDITIONS PERU offers the following services.




Any climbing expedition is leaded by a qualified mountain guide and licensed by AGMP and UIAGM, as well as experienced porters (from two people to more) authorized by the Huascarán National Park. Previous acclimatization is required for any climbing.





Any trekking expedition of three or more days of duration is carried out with the use of donkeys to make easier the transport of cooking and camping equipment as kitchen, dining, bath and sleeping tents, wooden boxes full of groceries, vegetables as well as our clients’s personal bag, and it´s leaded by a qualified trekking guide, one cook and donkey drivers. Previous acclimatization is required for long trekking expeditions.





Our staff of trekking and climbing guides are natives of the zone, true lovers and protectors of the mountains and beautiful surroundings, they have experience of many years, able to provide reliable information, to answer your any questions, and above qualified guides to effect rescues in the event of an accident or if some problem arises in the mountains, for the safety of our clients.



JIRKANDES EXPEDITIONS PERU works with transport service licensed by Dircetur and HNP.



Previous to breakfast we offer tea and hot water for personal hygiene.

In every expedition both trekking and climbing counts on the following food service.




American, continental, international and regional breakfast, pancakes, omelets, coffee, milk, chocolate, etc.


Box lunch


Fruits, sweets, chocolate bars, individual bottles with plenty of boiled water.





A variety of dishes prepared with vegetables, trout, chicken, beef, accompanied with hot tea, etc



Tea time


Crackers, cookies, cheese, pop corn, avocado, pizza, tea, etc. 




A variety of soups everyday, and dishes prepared with meats, vegetables, as well as dessert, tea, vine and the pisco sour.





    * Pick up in Lima (Airport) and transport to bus station or hotel. (it must be paid by the client). 

    * Meals: Breakfast, Box lunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. 

    * Private Transport: to different starting and ending point of the trek or climb. 

    * Experienced Trekking or Climbing guide certified by the UIAGM.

    * Experienced cooks. 

    * Porters (for Climbing only)

    * Donkey driver.

    * Donkies to carry your main luggage, tents, equipment and all the food.

    * Emergency horse in case any problem comes up.

    * Camping equipment: Sleeping tents, Kitchen tents, Dinning tents, Bathroom tent, Mattress, practical table and chairs.

    * Kitchen kit: plates, pots, tea pot, frying pot, spoons, knifes, cups, etc.

    * Huascaran National Park entrance fee.

    * Huayhuash community fees.

    * First aid kit. 

    * One day hike (from two people to more).





* Taxes

* Soft and alcoholic drinks. 

* Personal clothing and equipment. 

* Travel, Personal, and medical insurance.

* International flight. 

* Hotel (we can make reservations if clients want it so, extra payment). 

* Extra charge for luggages. 

* Laundry. 

* Reconfirmation of flights. 

* Food during stay in Huaraz city. 

* Sleeping bags.

* Transport from Huaraz to Lima or Lima Huaraz (it can be included if clients want it so, extra payment).

* Mountain equipment (it can be rented in Huaraz city).

* Travel insurance.

* Tips.


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